SENS Announcements


08.09.2021 – Provisional Summarised Consolidated Annual Financial Results for the Year Ended 28 February 2021

06.09.2021 – Further Trading Statement

11.08.2021 – Trading Statement

30.07.2021 – Quarterly Update – 30 July 2021

23.07.2021 – Director Appointment

07.07.2021 – Unaudited Interim Results for the Six Months Ended 31 August 2020

18.06.2021 –  Results of AGM 

15.06.2021 – Resignation of Director

11.06.2021 – Electronic Participation at the MRI Annual General Meeting

20.05.2021 – No Change Statement and Notice of Annual General Meeting

12.05.2021 – Provisional Audited Summarised Consolidated Annual Financial Results For The Year Ended 28 February 2020 

07.05.2021 – Trading Statement

30.04.2021 – Quarterly Update

26.03.2021 – MRI JSE Approval Letter

26.03.2021 – MRI RPT Announcement v4

23.03.2021 – MRI fairness opinion

29.01.2021 – Quarterly Update



11.12.2020 – Appointment of Ngubane and Co as auditor of the company

04.11.2020 – Reportable Irregularity Disclosure

30.10.2020 – Quarterly Update

30.10.2020 – Resignation, Appointment and Changes to the Board and Committees

29.10.2020 – Short Form: Condensed Consolidated Unaudited Results for the six month period ended 31 August 2019

29.10.2020 – Short Form: Condensed Consolidated Unaudited Results for the six month period ended 31 August 2019

29.10.2020 – Trading Statement

28.10.2020 – Withdrawal of Section 61(3) Call for a Shareholders Meeting

15.10.2020 – Termination of BDO South Africa Incorporated as auditor of the company 

18.09.2020 – Demand to call a shareholder meeting 

10.09.2020 – Appointment of designated advisor and corrected appointments

04.09.2020 – Demand to call a shareholders meeting and director resignations – Update

02.09.2020 – Demand to call a shareholders meeting and director resignations

02.09.2020 – Reportable irregularity disclosures

20.08.2020 – Correction: Revised Related Party Acquisition, Rights Offer and Amendment of Memorandum of Incorporation

20.08.2020 – Revised Related Party Acquisition, Rights Offer and Amendment of Memorandum of Incorporation

14.08.2020 – Update regarding business rescue process, Changes to the board of Directors, Withdrawal of cautionary announcement

31.07.2020 – Market Update and Further Cautionary Announcement

20.07.2020 – Notice of Business Rescue Resolution

13.07.2020 – Lapse of Share Purchase Agreement and Cautionary Announcement

06.07.2020 – Related Party Loan Agreement

24.04.2020 – Quarterly Update

27.01.2020 – Quarterly Update



04.12.2019 – Results of the Annual general meeting

14.11.2019 – Form of Proxy Correction

05.11.2019 – No Change Statement and Notice of Annual General Meeting

29.10.2019 – Audited Abridged Summarized Consolidated Financial Results For the Year Ended 28 February 2019 And Notice of AGM

29.10.2019 – R_SENS_20191029_S422253

25.10.2019 – Quarterly Update

10.10.2019 – Related Party Acquisition, Rights Offer, Waiver of Mandatory Offer, Withdrawal of Cautionary Announcement

02.09.2019 – Renewal of cautionary announcement

25.07.2019 – Quarterly Update

19.07.2019 – Renewal of cautionary announcement

06.06.2019 – Renewal of cautionary announcement

29.05.2019 – Trading statement for the 6 months ended 28 February 2019

25.04.2019 – Quarterly Update

23.04.2019 – Renewal of cautionary announcement

07.03.2019 – Renewal of cautionary announcement

25.01.2019 – Quarterly Update

24.01.2019 – Renewal of cautionary announcement



18.12.2018Unaudited interim results for the 6 months ended 31 August 2018

14.12.2018Trading statement for the 6 months ended 31 August 2018

07.12.2018Renewal of cautionary announcement

03.12.2018Change in audit firm due to merger

26.10.2018Renewal of cautionary announcement

25.10.2018Quarterly Update

13.09.2018Renewal of cautionary announcement

30.08.2018Results of the Annual general meeting

30.08.2018Changes to the Board

20.08.2018Notification in change in beneficial interest

08.08.2018ISIN Code Correction

01.08.2018No Change Statement and Notice of Annual General Meeting

01.08.2018Renewal of Cautionary

31.07.2018Annual Report 2018

26.07.2018Quarterly Update

20.06.2018Reviewed Provisional Annual Financial Results for the year ended 28 February 2018



14.11.2017Annual Report 2017

14.11.2017Investment Limited 2016


26.07.2017Quarterly Update

28.04.2017Quarterly Update

05.04.2017Renewal of Cautionary

21.02.2017Renewal of Cautionary

07.02.2017TRP Change in beneficial holding

06.02.2017TRP Change in beneficial holding

27.01.2017Quarterly Update



28.10.2016Quarterly Update

08.09.2016Renewal of Cautionary

29.07.2016Voluntary suspension

11.07.2016TRP Change in beneficial holding



01.06.2016Delay in release of Feb 2016 results

27.05.2016Trading Statement

05.05.2016Change to the board

07.04.2016Withdrawal of Cautionary

11.03.2016Financial Director

22.02.2016Renewal of Cautionary

11.01.2016Renewal of Cautionary



30.11.2015MRI Interim Results – August 2015

26.11.2015Trading Statement

25.11.2015Cautionary Renewal

05.11.2015Changes to the Board and Results AGM

14.10.2015Renewal Cautionary and IMBS acquisition updated

30.09.2015Change Statement Notice AGM

01.09.2015IMBS Renewal of cautionary and update

20.07.2015IMBS acquisition update and further cautionary

26.06.2015Detailed Cautionary re IMBS

29.05.2015Reviewed Results Year End 28 Feb 15 – 29 May 15

18.05.2015Trading Statement

15.05.2015S122 Disclosure Acquisition

01.04.2015IMBS brochure April 2015

02.03.2015Change to the board

05.02.2015Section 122 disclosure




30.10.2014Results of AGM

17.10.2014Reallocation to cash flow statement

29.09.2014Annual Report – 2014

29.09.2014Release of Annual Report 2014

23.07.2014Director share trades

25.06.2014Update on the conversion options and specific issues

17.06.2014Results of General Meeting

02.06.2014Reviewed February 2014 year end results

28.05.2014Trading statement

16.05.2014Posting of circular, notice of general meeting and salient dates

Supporting documents

14.05.2014Production updates

07.04.2014MRI – Terms Announcement (Conversion – Director CEO Issues)

04.04.2014MRI – Restated Results Feb 2013

20.03.2014Further cautionary announcement

21.02.2014Market update and cautionary

17.01.2014Update on the Commissioning of the Coal Briquetting Plant



18.11.2013MRI – Interim Results – August 2013

18.11.2013MRI – Appointment CEO and Syd Caddy

15.11.2013MRI- CorrectionTrading Statement

15.11.2013MRI- Trading Statement

21.10.2013Changes to board of directors

15.10.2013MRI 15 October 2013- Update on the Commissioning of the Coal Briqueting Plant

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09.09.2013MRI – Changes to the board M vd Berg


23.07.2013Resignation of S Swana

25.07.2013Project Updates and Section 45 Notice

28.05.2013MRI Final Results Announcement

21.05.2013MRI revised trading update 2013

21.05.2013MRI Trading Statement

17.05.2013Update on Briquetting Project

08.05.2013Results of General Meeting

22.04.2013MRI – Changes to the Board

05.04.2013SENS Posting of Circular and Notice of General Meeting

05.04.2013MRI Circular Final 5 April 2013 Sasfin

02.04.2013Moi JSE approved

18.03.2013Update on Funding of Anthracite Briquetting Project

23.01.2013Update on Completion of the Anthracite Briquetting Project



27.11.2012New Trading Statement

27.11.2012Revocation of Trading Statement

26.09.2012Results of Annual General Meeting

10.09.2012Change to Proxy Date of Annual General Meeting

06.09.2012Change in Company Secretary

29.08.2012No Change Statement and Notice of Annual General Meeting

26.06.2012Abridged listing particulars in

15.06.2012Update and finalisation announcement on the reverse listing

14.06.2012Reviewed results for the year

08.06.2012Declaration Data and Revised Salient Dates

07.06.2012Listing delay – Postponement

04.06.2012Trading Statement

22.05.2012Mandatory Offer Results

18.05.2012Conclusion of the acquisition

04.05.2012Postponement of Dates

08.05.2012Mandatory Offer Dates

11.04.2012Clarification announcement

05.04.2012Results of Annual General

28.03.2012Capricorn Salient Dates Announcement

16.02.2012Director’s Dealing

13.02.2012Change in control and mandatory offer to minorities

07.02.2012Pro Forma Financial Effects and Withdrawal of Cautionary

06.02.2012Reviewed results for the six

03.02.2012Audited Results for the year ended

25.01.2012Trading statement



29.12.2011Trading statement

28.12.2011Reviewed results for the year

15.12.2011Detailed Cautionary Announcement

07.11.2011Disclosure of acquisition

28.10.2011Renewal of cautionary

12.10.2011General notice to all

16.09.2011Renewal of cautionary

20.07.2011Board Appointment

08.07.2011Confirmation with regard

06.07.2011Directors dealings announcement

22.06.2011Cautionary announcement

21.06.2011Suspension of Listing

20.06.2011Late submission of (reviewed) provisional

10.01.2011Director`s dealings in securities

05.01.2011Director`s dealings in securities



30.12.2010Director’s Dealings In Securities

22.12.2010Director’s dealings in securities

20.12.2010Director’s dealings in securities

17.12.2010Director’s dealings in securities

09.12.2010Revision of salient dates in respect of the 9 Dec 2010

15.11.2010Results of General Meeting